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Delay during startup SIMS just started happening.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:03 am    Post subject: Delay during startup SIMS just started happening. Reply with quote

A new delay during startup SIMS just started happening. In the last 2 days a delay has occurred when we log into SIMS. The screen reads “Initializing Data Source” with 40% on the red bar. It stays at this point for about 20-40 seconds before moving on to the log in screen. This is happening with both the control computers (running SIMS) and the panelist booth PC computers. Any thoughts as to what it might be & how to fix?

The big question is: What changed about 2 days ago? It’s not an easy question to answer, we know. But something certainly did change, which introduced the new delay you’re now seeing. When SIMS displays 40% “Initializing Data Source” it is the exact point where your PC establishes the network connection to the data source, which for you is a Microsoft SQL Server named [name].

Possibilities include: 99% likely it’s the local PC at one end or the other end MS SQL Server, or anywhere along the network path in between.

  1. IS/IT pushed out to your PCs something new…. such as #2 below, or other untested updated software which maybe is causing new delays.

  2. New AntiVirus or related software on your PCs, adding another thick layer of protection, additional delays whenever net is accessed, for SIMS, Internet Explorer, Email, etc.

  3. Your SQL Server is having delays responding to new incoming connection requests. Such as memory resources low, net card failing intermittently, AV software, etc. which is also.
    1. Is your SQL server a Virtual server? There are many possibilities of concern with Microsoft SQL running on a virtual server. Memory allocation being #1. Overloaded virtual server #2.
    2. Is your SQL server hosting other application’s databases? Check the other databases, are they running ok? This would not be the first time we’ve seen SIMS slowed due to other bad apps hogging down a SQL server.

  4. Domain Controller, and/or DNS Server, delays.

  5. Routers / Switches in nearby closet or anywhere on route to SQL Server. Packet collisions. Electrical cable interference. One bad network card on one of the PCs connected to the switch can cause entire switch to delay.

  6. Your PCs Microsoft ODBC DSN configuration is misconfigured. (Data Source Name). TCP/IP vs. Named Pipes.

  7. Are any other/hints occurring with Windows or SIMS ? Such as “Communication Link failure” which is the worst of the network errors, It is what it says, the link failed completely, beyond being just a slow network or timeout delays.

  8. Other possibilities exist.

Some things to try to fix the problem:
  1. Narrow down the problem. Is every PC affected? Including your panelist PCs, your PC at your desk, colleagues PCs? Has anything changed recently? Have other issues or problems with PCs occurred recently which could be related to the problem you’re having with SIMS 2000? Is the problem recreateable?

  2. Turn every PC affected totally off, restart everything.

  3. Wait a few hours, or overnight to try again. Sometimes network problems only persist for a short time, try again later.

  4. Turn off the Microsoft SQL Server and routers/switches in between, restart everything.

  5. Update your SIMS application to the newest build dates available. While this usually does not fix the problem, newer SIMS 2000 builds may be able to display better hints as to what is causing the problem.

  6. Send as many hints as possible to Sensory Computer Systems. We can try to assist in identifying the problem. We always start by asking about the items listed above. The more hints the better, what changed, when problem started, all or some PCs affected, is everything in SIMS 2000 affected, what have you tried so far, etc.
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